Win a kilogram of artisan craft chocolate

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Win a kilogram of artisan craft chocolate
:    Dish
:    $500
No. of prizes
:    1
:    free
Competition type  
:    Random draw competitions  
:    2019-07-04


"Win a kilogram of artisan craft chocolate" is a competition by Dish and has a prize pool of $500 for 1 prize. With this the prize pool is on the low side in comparison. You can join this comp for free. Chocolate lovers, this one is for you. Dunedin craft chocolate makers, OCHO, have added a new Milk Chocolate to their artisan collection. Made from scratch, with minimal ingredients, and sourced from the Pacific, this is feel-good chocolate. We are familiar with this brand and have listed quite a few of their competitions.
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This competition is organized by Dish and you can check out their latest competitions here:
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