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Tips on how to win words or less competitions to increase your chances or winning. Words or less competitions are very common in New Zealand and often the odds are better than in other contests because of the additional hurdle for participation. Here is my guide to getting you close to winning that prize!

1 - Make the most of your chance

Words or less competitions give you that unique chance to win through skill rather than luck. So if it is a demanding question but on a topic where you know your stuff or just have a very creative moment you can really increase your chance of winning dramatically.

2 - Think about the jury

The winner of a Words Or Less competition is determined by a jury reviewing the various entries. Try to think about what those people in the jury and what they may be looking for in deciding on the winner. Also remember the jury may have a hard work to do with potentially thousands of entries. To make their life easier you want to make it a bit entertaining and not boring like all the other entries that those poor people have to go through.

3 - Be original in your answer

Don't just copy something good that you saw elsewhere. Chances are that the jury will check that and the original text may be found with just a quick search on Google. You need to come up with your own text to make your entry win.

4 - Make your answer a surprise

Again to stand out and make the jury notice your answer you want to write something that is different from what can be expected and what everybody else will submit as their entry. Your surprise answer could make people smile, laugh or be stunned. Either would do the job of making your entry special.

5 - Being funny may do the job

If you can manage to turn your words-or-less answer into a friendly joke go for it! Something funny that makes the jury smile and enjoy your entry definitely will help and increase your chances of winning the contest. Be a bit careful with making to harsh a joke on the product that you want to win as the jury may consist of marketing people promoting just that product. If you go too far they may not choose your entry which is supposed to be published as the winning entry to the public!

6 - Try a rhyme if you can

It is not an absolute must to make your entry a rhyme but if you find a way to do so go even better. It does not even be a perfect rhyme. A rhyme of words which is a bit off may even be funnier.

7 - Put in a personal note

If you have a personal story to share in your answer that can be interesting for the jury. Maybe how you or some family member would benefit so much from winning the prize or some funny incident that happened with friends or family related to what the words-or-less contest is about.

8 - Remember the words limit and mind your spelling

You really need to pay attention to the limit of words allowed in the words-or-less competition. Even if the jury really really loves your entry they would not be allowed to award you the prize if your entry is too long. The terms and conditions are legally binding so once published they really would not be allowed to deviate from them as that would be unfair to other entrants who stuck to the rules.
Not quite as strict as the word limit but also a possible pitfall is your spelling. You really should spellcheck your response using some online tool or wordprocessor. A spello in your answer definitely risks your entry being disqualified from the words or less competitions. The brand organizing the competition typically wants to publish the winning entry and they really do not want to publish something with a spelling mistake which would look embarrassing even for the jury. In particular, be careful with regards to the spelling of the brand and their products themselves. The jury would never let you through with a lapse on those.

9 - Name the product or brand name

Make some friendly reference to the product or brand name of the competition. After all the whole competition is likely to be a marketing activity for the organizer so they want what ever they try to promote to be mentioned.

10 - Do lots of Words-Or-Less entries

As always remember that your chances increase with more entries. Words-or-less competitions are skill games so by right you will not win by luck but by skill. However, if you have more entries you will of course have a higher possilibity of on of your entries being selected by the jury. Some words-or-less competitons actually allow for several entries per participants. This is because the organizer really wants to create some buzz for their competition and the more people write the better. Before you do multiple entries though check the terms and conditions whether this is really the case for the particular competition.
Then you can of course also enter many different words-or-less competitions from different websites. And when doing so you may even be able to 'recycle' some of the creative work you did in a previous competiton. After all the jury will be different so they would not know. And it is your own original work so there really isn't anything wrong with using that several times!

YOU can findthe latest words-or-less competitions here.

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