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The winner of our iPhone giveaway


Kathy is the lucky winner this time to get a brand new iPhone, congratulations! The latest iPhone 7 of course - only the best for our winner! It has got some exciting new features like an even more advanced camera, extended battery life, it’s splash and water resistance and and and...

Anyway, it just got delivered to her a couple of days ago and here is the happy photo showing her with the little darling in elegant black. Kathy, we are sure that your daughters are not jealous but are most happy for you (maybe just a tiny bit jealous ;)

Kathy iPhone winner

In case someone was wondering - we can confirm that this giveaway comes absolutely free of charge, delivered to the doorstep of the winner and the iPhone is not locked to a particular network either. It’s just charge and go!! Enjoy your new Apple toy, Kathy!

The iPhone Giveaway 2017 just started so if anyone wants to have a go at becoming this years winner, check it out here:


Win a trip to Coronation Street


This is a fantastic chance if you are a fan - if you win you will get your very own tour of the Coronation Street set in England! The prize also includes flights to London for two, transfer to Manchester where you will be staying four nights in a 4-star hotel. With all meals included!

Only thing you have to do is to get a NZ Woman's Weekly issue and enter a unique code from it. I'd say it is a rare chance to be taken! Just click on the picture below to get to the competition.

Winner of our members competition Win an iPhone 6s


We are very happy to announce the winner of our competition for all members of KiwiCompetitions - this time Tania C won a brand new iPhone 6s !!

Tania seemed very excited when we contacted her to give her the good news, and when we asked her what colour she'd prefer (yes, the winner can choose her/his favourite, we try to do everything for our dear members!) she quickly decided that she would like a Rose Gold iPhone (my fav too!). Apple just delivered this little treasure, see happy picture below!

Congratulations again Tania, we wish you many happy moments with your iPhone 6s :) alternative_text

Envious? Well, the competition to win a brand new iPhone 6s is on again, we will be looking for a new winner so click on the phones to get to the comp if you wish it were you this time!

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Photographer competitions


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Another odd competition


The other day I was enjoying the 'Send an Aussie home' contest which I though was rather extraordinary.

Today however I found something really unusal:
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Most entertaining competition of the day!


I just found this "Send an Aussie home" competition by Classic Hits:

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Win grill gift pack


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