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Would you like to win an Apple iPhone 5S? On this page you can find competitions to win an Apple iPhone 5S.
Every time Apple launches a new product we see lots of competitions coming up for the new gadget. So every new iPhone is a good news! The new Apple iPhone 5S is a great improvement on the previous generations. One of the most innovative features is the fingerprint sensor which allows you to access the phone just by swiping your finger. No more password, just a touch will do. What is really clever is that you can have several fingerprints recorded but only one Touch ID is linked to your iTunes account. This way you can give others, including your kids, access to the phone without allowing them to buy things with your account. This should be a relieve for everybody with children crazy for playing games on the iPhone.

The camera got much better with a large size image sensor. This should close the gap to Samsung phones. You will see better results especially under poor lighting conditions. So any snapshots in twilights, at home or in bars will become much sharper and with clearer colours than with the iPhone 5. The phone comes with either 16GB, 32GB or 64GB.

Battery life is 20% higher than the iPhone 5 with 10 hours talk or browsing time, 225 hours of standby and 10 hours. At the same time speed will be much much better. The new Apple A7 64-bit processor will double the perfomance compared to the predecessor. In addition, there is a new co-processor M7 that takes care of all the secondary activities like GPS. Workload is shared between the two processors which improves performance but also battery life because for certain tasks the main processor A7 can be in standby while M7 is busy.

The price for the new Apple iPhone 5S is considerably higher than competitive models from Samsung, HTC and others. As such it will be a very attractive competition prize to grab for free. The Apple iPhone series is still one of the biggest draws in competitions in New Zealand.

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Win a trip for 2 to Bangkok

Value:   $5,000
Cost:   free
Ends  2020-12-31
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Value:   $1000
Cost:   free
Ends  2020-12-31