Win a BBQ with San Remo

To enter, you must have made an Eligible Purchase and scanned your Clubcard at the time of purchase;
Win a BBQ with San Remo
:    New World
:    $14,000.00
No. of prizes
:    35
:    shop to enter
Competition type  
:    Random draw competitions  
:    This competition is already closed


"Win a BBQ with San Remo" is a competition by New World and has a prize pool of $14,000.00 for 35 prizes. The total potential prize in this competition is outstanding. A relaxed BBQ is one of the best ways to enjoy some great company and share some food with those you love. We are familiar with this brand and have listed quite a few of their competitions.
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This competition is organized by New World and you can check out their latest competitions here:
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Terms and conditions of the competition "Win a BBQ with San Remo "
according to the competitions organizers.The prize winner will be drawn by Loyalty New Zealand Limited (Loyalty) on behalf of Foodstuffs by 22-09-2019 – 2 weeks after prize draw closes by random electronic selection from all entries.
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