Win the full collection from the Puffin Book Club 2019

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Win the full collection from the Puffin Book Club 2019
:    Kidspot
:    $160
No. of prizes
:    1
:    free
Competition type  
:    Words-or-less competitions  
:    This competition is already closed


Win the full collection from the Puffin Book Club 2019 is a competition by Kidspot and has a prize pool of $160 for 1 prize. The prize pool is low. Entry to this competition is entirely free. The Puffin Book Club this year was home to some of the very best stories for young readers (and readers who are young at heart!). Here we discovered magical adventures and fascinating characters, built to spark a lifelong love of reading in your little one. The prize is The Cat from Muzzle, Abigail and the Birth of the Sun, Little Hector and the Big Idea, Animals for Kiwi Babies, My Body for Kiwi Babies, Dinosaur Hunter, Wildlife of Aotearoa. We are familiar with this brand and have listed quite a few of their competitions.
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This competition is organized by Kidspot and you can check out their latest competitions here:
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