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Going through the competitions added the last few weeks I realized that we girls are really lucky to have so many competitions for fashion, costmetics and accessories. Some realy cool contests where we can win bracelets, rings and other things we may not actually buy ourselves but as a free treat are highly welcome.

Many companies give out these types of prizes but two really stand out with simple contests with fun prizes in these categories: Gloss and FashioNZ!

To make it easier for you to keep up to date with their contests you can go directly our page listing their latest contests:
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Enjoy these contests. Great thank you to Gloss and FashioNZ! Hope they continue like this :)

There is so much more variety in prizes being offered than a year ago. I think it is wonderful to seen all these choices. I am really enjoying to enter competitions for all sorts of different stuff. Be it expensive or cheap, useful or rather pointless items. Give them to me all for free now! (and I also am still waiting to win an iPad!).

I wonder what you think about this? Are you getting the prizes you deserve offered in New Zealand competitions? Or do you want to win something else? Send me your comments through the contact form. In a week or two I will publish the result of this mini-survey here.

The other day I was asking what you would most like to see as prizes in New Zealand online competitions. I got quite a lot of replies and some interesting results as to what people want to win most urgently. Based on the answers coming in I can share this ulimate list of most popular prizes as of now:
  1. an iPad or iPad mini
  2. holidays
  3. vouchers for day-to-day shopping
A lot of the wishes for holiday competitions where actually family holidays in New Zealand or European destinations.

Here is a compilation I did of some of those popular prizes for you
  1. win an Apple iPad or iPad Mini
  2. win a holiday
  3. win grocery shopping vouchers
Thanks to all who shared their view and please keep them coming!

P.S. A special message to Rob in Christchurch who send me more than a dozen messages all about his favourite prize. Some of them really funny but I could only count you once still! Although you did not make it anywhere close the top list with that I made a list with you requested most popular prize:

There are two comps right now worth mentioning for all of you who likes taking photographs.
In the one organized by The New Zealand Herald you can win a a Sony A6000 camera. There are 4 prizes in total and they included much more than just the camera. The grand prize winner will receive a trip to Wellington (including flights and accommodation) and the opportunity to shoot professional pictures at a sport event there, and the 3 other winners will also get the chance to photograph in various sports events. Plus the camera!

The other one is called 'New Zealand Geographic Photographer of 2014' and here you can win $1,000, publication in the New Zealand Geographic, a years subscription of the magazine etc. There are several categories: Wildlife, Society & Culture, Landscape, Photo story, Young Photographer and Peoples Choice category. The overall winner will get some extra bonuses like taking part in a workshop.

If you want to win a camera and/or cash, take part here, good luck:
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This is a fantastic chance if you are a fan - if you win you will get your very own tour of the Coronation Street set in England! The prize also includes flights to London for two, transfer to Manchester where you will be staying four nights in a 4-star hotel. With all meals included!

Only thing you have to do is to get a NZ Woman's Weekly issue and enter a unique code from it. I'd say it is a rare chance to be taken! Just click on the picture below to get to the competition.

Vouchers & Gift Cards Competitions

Win a lot of gift cards or many vouchers here!

Here is the category where you can win such great prizes as vouchers and gift cards. There are many kinds of vouchers available here such as vouchers to get discounts on clothes purchases, vouchers to get baby products, shopping vouchers in supermarkets, bookstores vouchers, dining vouchers, a voucher to stay in hotel. There are vouchers to get a free meal from Lord of The Fries, BurgerFuel Queen Street, Wendy’s, Denny’s, KFC, Carl’s Jr, Burger Burger, Domino’s Pizza, McDonalds, Starbucks and etc. Some vouchers listed here are ready to be redeemed. But, there are some vouchers that have a certain date or certain condition to be used.

Beside those interesting vouchers, we also have gift cards as a prize. Even though vouchers and gift cards look similar, they are actually different. Gift cards are prepaid card for a product or service. Just like a prepaid card that you use on your smartphone. Gift cards are usually used by a company to give a gift to it’s customers. Gift cards are also good to save money. For example, if you are used to buy your monthly spending at a certain store, then you are worried that the money will be used for other purposes, you can buy a gift card from that store instead. Some popular gift cards like Pak’NSave gift card, JB Hi-Fi gift card, Countdown, McCain Roast, Four Square, Fresh Choice, Caltex, Calvin Klein, Kmart, Amazon gift card, H&M, New World gift card, Prezzie, MYER gift card and etc. Sometimes, there are vouchers for holiday packages and online shops too. Or what about a coupon for your favorite things? Check here if you can find something useful and don't forget to check the other categories too. Get a Gift Card for your favorite retailer and shop for free right now!

Electronics Competitions

Win a popular smartphone or other trendy gadgets here!

Are you craving for the newest smartphone that has just been released? Then try to explore this page, you might found one. This is a very popular category where you can win an iPad, iPhone, TV, cameras, hand phones and much more. The most popular one that you might want to see in this list is a competition to win smartphone or laptop. The competitions listed here come from many different organizers. That’s why there are so many variations, like brands and types. Most of smartphone brands which are very popular in New Zealand like Samsung, Apple iPhone, Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, LG, OnePlus, Meizu, Nokia, Motorola, Sony, Spark, Vodafone and CAT. Since smartphone is the hottest thing to win here, your chance to find out competitions that offers it maybe higher.

The other most wanted items here are laptop and computer. Some laptop brands and it's most popular items might available like Asus Zenbook, Acer TravelMate, Lenovo Yoga, Dell Inspiron, HP Pavilion, Microsoft surface book, or even current Apple Macbook Pro. Moreover, it’s not all about gadget but others electronics items as well. Maybe a TV, fan, air conditioner, or some home appliance that also categorized as electronics item. So don’t be surprised if your mother also wants to take part in one competition on this page when you are exploring it. We still have other prizes that will make you want to join every listed here. You will also find prizes like Nintendo, Playstation, TV-games and other gaming hardware. It sounds perfect right? Now you are ready to be a professional gamer. Sometimes you can win a voucher so that you can buy your own favorite item that you always wanted.

Holidays Competitions

Win a getaway to abroad or a memorable holiday here!

Anybody loves to travel, then we made this special category for every traveller that craving for a free trip anywhere. Win a trip to Hawaii, Maldives or Venice! In this category you can win free holidays abroad or short trips to experience the culture feel of Bali, the modern urban of Bangkok, or the awesome Fiji. A wild exploring a mysterious place or enjoy a quality time and having a short camp with your family or friends. Which one do you like? Sightseeing, shopping, relaxing or beach - all can be found here.

The prizes range from small to high. Each vacation has a different duration, you might found a short trip, 5 days getaway, two weeks holiday, or even a month activity camp. Free flights and accommodation is usually part of the prize. Some cover all costs including your meal during the holiday. You can also win a free return flight from your destination only. However, it is still worth to try. All you need to do now is find a good one for you. Check this category often as prizes change quickly and you might miss your dream destination. Have a good trip!

Some of competitions listed here are sponsored by tour and travel companies or aviation companies who want to promote their hot offers or celebrating their special event. Sometimes, it mentions a voucher to redeem then you will need to take care of everything yourself. But you can also find a full reservation then you just need to come and enjoy your vacation. However, each competition has a different terms and condition. You need to read it carefully to avoid a misunderstanding. Another thing you should pay attention to is the valid date. It would be very unfortunate if you miss your precious vacation gift just because of the lacked time management. As you know that a free vacation will be very enjoyable, make sure you have taken the opportunity you have been waiting for. Moreover, if you do not want to miss any updates, you can subscribe our notifications. We hope you a good luck!

For Kids Competitions

Win a cute clothes or kid’s toys here!

This category is dedicated to children. In this category we list competitions where children have the chance to compete, or competitions where prices are especially suitable for children. Here you go to win many things to make a kid being happy. As we know that a children love toys, we have many types of toys here from local or import. It can be a doll like teddy bear, barbie, puzzle, leggo, action figure, game board, car toys, ball, marble, or building blocks. Sometime, kids love to play a game with their friends like playing snakes and ladders or monopoli. Some cute prizes like children clothes, mini backpack, superhero or fairy costume or some cute accessories are also available here.

You can also find educational toys for kids like a children’s story book, encyclopedia for kids or educational computer games that can educate them while they are playing. Like nowadays when a kid starting to learn so many things earlier such as music or new language, a musical instrument that specifically made for kids are often to see now. More funny ways to learn language for kids like Alfalink, mini laptop, or speaking dolls are good as well. Other stuff to win can be anything from Nintendo games to stuffed animals. Sometimes, you can also find a drawing competition, dancing or singing contest for kids. This kind of competition need an active participation of children and their parents. Do not forget that if a child wants to participate in a contest that required parental consent!

Food & Drink Competitions

Win a year supply of food or romantic dinner here!

Are you a food lover? This category was made especially for you. Here you can find a list of competitions to win foods, drinks or other related things about it. For anyone who likes to cook, shop for food, eat foods, or go wild on chocolate and sweets - you've come to the right website! Many prizes available in this page are dominated by many snacks or drinks. But you can also find a heavy meal to win. It’s not only about bring home lots of food to enjoy anytime. But you can also win fancy dinner packages, free reservation to your favorite restaurant, or a voucher to buy a meal or get some discounts in a fast food restaurant. You can find some McDonalds voucher, Haribo Pack, Liquorland, Domino’s Pizza, New World and etc.

Moreover, in this digital era we have more options to provide, such as a discount voucher of a food delivery in HelloFresh, My Food Bag, Woop, Bargain Box, Eat, FED and etc. You can also find many ways to get a free meal to enjoy with your friends or family. Have you plan to go to All-You-Can-Eat or any buffet with your loved ones? Then, go explore this page and you might found some. Beside those delicious prizes, we still have many prizes to show off. There are competitions for free grocery bags in Pak’NSave, baskets of treats, lunch box and more. If you're craving already, check out the mouth-watering contests below (some are for non-food groceries, don't eat those).

Clothes Competitions

Win a fashionable stuff and be a new trendsetter now!

Do you like fashion and hand bags or just simple and plain clothes? If so, this is a perfect category for you! Here you can win nice bags, shoes, jumpers or funny t-shirts as well as anything else to fill up your wardrobe! Mainly, the competition on this page is divided into 3 parts. First is about the clothes and it’s types. Many types of clothes are available here such as jackets and coats, trousers and shorts, suits, skirts and dresses, sweaters and waistcoats, blouses, and t-shirts. Second is a variety of bags that you might know about. It can be a simple waist bag, backpack purse, elegant duffel, sling bag, cute saddle bag, hobo bag, a trendy tote bag, a cute pouch, clutch, classy wristlet model. The third is line of shoes that will complete your perfect appearance. Some types of shoes that you might find here is just like trendy sneakers, slip-on sneakers, comfortable sandals, elegant stilettos, wedges, flat shoes, slippers, flip flop, ankle boots, or formal loafers.

All of those are coming from many different brands, both local and international brands. You could win some popular international brands such as Chanel, Gucci, Prada, Burberry, Hermes, Dior, Armani, Zara or even Louis Vuitton if you are really lucky. Otherwise you could win from New Zealanders clothing brand such as clothing line from local designer Lonely, I Love Ugly, Commoners, Huffer, Stolen Girlfriends Club, Kowtow, Widdess, Zambesi, Karen Walker, or etc. As we have many kind of prizes about fashion, you might need to check this category before going out to a party and looking for a perfect full set appearance as you wish. You can win the latest fashion, clothes in your (odd) size or a gift card for your favorite fashion retailer where you can go and spoil yourself for free!

House & Home Competitions

Win sophisticated home appliance or newest kitchen set here!

Welcome to the nicest category in this website! Here you can win home appliance, electrical appliance and kitchen set to complete your home sweet home. When talking about home, the first thing we might come to our mind is a comfortable place to stay. We may want things that are comfortable to be there such as a cozy sofa with a minimalist table over there, an ultra HD television, a wooden cupboard or even a set of barbeque grills. You might also want an elegant kitchen with it’s appliance like an electric stove, toaster, kettle, microwave, blender, oven and etc. Supported electrical appliance that will make it perfect such as a refrigerator, air conditioner or fan or sometimes you will need a room heater. It’s all about contests that have some connection to your home.

There are often prizes such as spring bed, bed cover, vacuum cleaners, curtains and some additional furniture as well. Other popular items are tableware, cookware, soft furnishings and other odds and ends that might be nice to get for your home. It seems have too many categories to mention, but just imagine everything that you could find in a home, then it might be here as well. You will need a manual book for some prizes especially for some electrical appliances. It such a great chance to fill your house with good things you will get for free.

Books & Magazines Competitions

Win a romantic teenlit novel or adventure books here!

Have you ever heard the saying that books are windows to the world? Yes, it could be true. Books are such of amazing things in the world that allow us to know everything. So, it would be great if we can help you to get a free book from many competitions out there. In this category you can win many kind of books. There are many cool books you can find here, both fiction and non-fiction. In various category such as novel, comic or manga, poetry, prayer books, paperbacks, encyclopedia, anthologies, dictionary, biographies, diaries, trilogies, adorable fairy tale, or even a useful cookbook. There are also various magazines for children and adults. No need to be a bookworm to start collecting books. All you need to do is keep your eyes close to this page.

Every genres you could love like science fiction (sci-fi), satire, drama, action and adventure, romance, mystery, horror, self help, guide, travel, children’s, religious, science, history, or even subjects that everyone likes, math. The other cool thing you need to know is that we are not just provide some books competitions, but we also show competitions where you can win subscriptions, gift cards for bookstores and newspaper or magazine publications. Sure it is nice to be able to fill the bookshelf at home in the reading corner! Sometimes there are contests where the participants can write a short story, article, etc. to win great prizes.

Sometimes, some competitions listed here, offer more than just one book, it can be two or more with the different categories or types. The prizes can be different time to time according to the trend in society, like when there is a popular film that based on a specific book, the book will also get the same popularity. So, many organizers provide that book to be the prize. You may find a lot of competition that have similar prizes in that time. However, you can always consider by yourself which the best for you or join some of them and try your luck. So, make sure you never miss any competition you want. You can be the first one to know by subscribing our notifications. The best suggestion we can give for you read all the requirements carefully. Why? Because some competitions are free at all and some of them will asked you to pay the delivery fee.

Cars Competitions

Win a sport car or a family car here!

Do you ever dream about winning a luxury car? Here your dreams may come true. In this category, we have many competitions listed to win a car. Many types of car you might find here such as a huge family car, a futuristic hatchback, a sport car or SUV, multi-purpose vehicle (MPV), a minibus, an elegant van or even a luxury car of your dream. There many cars from different brands, such as Japanese car like Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Suzuki, Mitsubishi and Daihatsu. Korean car like Kia and Daewoo. How about driving a new Maserati? Sometimes, you can also find some European brands too such as Bentley, Bugatti, Fiat, Lamborghini, Volkswagen if you are really lucky. Sometimes, when you have not seen any competitions to win your desired car, a free car rental for 3 days or one week are sounds good to try as well.

The range of prizes available varies from small to large. However, you can’t even say that a car is a small prize. But, by joining any competition here, you can try your luck as well. Here you can win a nice BMW or Audi if you get really lucky. Otherwise maybe a Lexus or just a Hyundai or Ford. Whatever you win later, it’s really something you will grateful for. Moreover, it is just not about the car, but all of things might have related to a car. There can also be contests for car accessories like bike racks, side mirror, seat cover, SRS cable, car audio system, L.E.D lighting, car scraper, booster cable, windshield sun shades, mobile holder, car mats, or even just a set of cleaning equipment that will keep your car comfortable for you. What else the things you might find here? Maybe you manage to win free fuel for a year or get a free car for the weekend? Or maybe even a whole year! What a nice thing to try!

Activities Competitions

Win a short trips or a challenging adventure here! Here you can win various outdoor activities. If you think that outdoor activities are just about going out to get some fresh air, then you might have to read this. Outdoor activities are not limited to certain types, but quite a lot. Outdoor activity prizes such as short trips, gym membership, tickets to sporting events or classes to learn climbing or aerobics are some types of outdoor activities that you can find here. Other types of the outdoor activities which are often available here like a free family camping, an organized group camping, outbond, free pass to sport events or even a fun sport with your colleague. If you are joining any community, then the community organizes a community gathering, it can also be called outdoor activities.

Then, sometimes you can also find tickets to the society event or attractive street event here. So, if you are feeling tired of your daily routine, we suggest you to check this category and find out an activity that can help you out of the stress. You can find contests to win things for your hobby, some event to experience with friends or family. Sometimes, several types of hobbies can be included in this category, such as swimming, riding a bike, photo hunting, playing football or basketball, exploring the nature and etc. Prizes range from relaxing over fun to scary stuff!

Beside having various types of prizes, the competitions listed in this category are mostly have medium to high prize pool. It is because most of them offer a short trip or holiday that covers the whole event, from accommodation to consumption costs. Therefore, you might have many competitors out there as they want to win the amazing prizes as you. So, you have to take more chances to increase your chance to win. As we have many competitions listed in this category, it will be easier for you to take more chances than just waiting for the result of one competition.

Competitions to win DVDs and Blue-Rays

Would you like to win DVDs and Blue-Rays? On this page you can find competitions to win DVDs and Blue-Rays. Win your latest favourite movie in DVDs and Blu-Rays only on KiwiCompetitions. Here you can find a copy of the films that goes viral in market. You will find many chance to win Blu-Rays copy of interesting films. Quite a few brands run competitions for DVDs and Blue-Rays e.g. View Auckland, KIWIreviews, Grown Ups, Female, MiNDFOOD, You may also want to browse for related prizes in our section with Movies & Music competitions. We are also showing similar completed competitions which we have in our archive because there is always a chance that a completed contest is started again by the organizer. If you cannot find your special wish in our list you can try a competitions in the category vouchers or money which you can use to get what you are really looking for.

Competitions to win a PAKnSAVE gift card

Would you like to win a PAKnSAVE gift card? On this page you can find competitions to win a PAKnSAVE gift card. PAKnSAVE as a lowest food price guarantee. That is not bad but I think getting food for free is even better. Win PAKnSave vouchers and get your groceries for free nation wide. Quite a few brands run competitions for a PAKnSAVE gift card e.g. Supermarket Giveaway. You may also want to browse for related prizes in our section with Vouchers & Gift Cards competitions. We are also showing similar completed competitions which we have in our archive because there is always a chance that a completed contest is started again by the organizer. If you cannot find your special wish in our list you can try a competitions in the category vouchers or money which you can use to get what you are really looking for. You can also have a chance to get other forms of PaknSave voucher like special discounts or voucher in some special event. Keep yourself updated by subscribing our notifications.

Competitions to win baby stuff

Win baby stuff for free with the baby contest on this list. Here on KiwiCompetitions you'll find current competitions with prizes for babies and children such as nursery or children's bedroom makeovers, free diapers, or another baby products such as Franjos Kitchen, Bam+Boo and many more.

Competitions to win a holiday in Bali

Bali holiday competitions treat you to luxurious resort or villa stays on the 'Island of the Gods'. Enjoy the landscapes of Bali with beautiful beaches, mountains and picturesque rice terraces. Go on a shopping trip for Balinese arts, souvenirs and home decoration in Jimbaran. Get pampered with SPA and massage and relax on the beach. You can party in the touristic nightlife of Kuta. Or you experience Balinese culture and the unique Balinese Hindu religion in Ubud and other towns in central Bali with authentic Balinese dances. Prizes of include hotel stays in Nusa Dua resorts, or villas overlooking the ocean or rice terraces around Ubud. A trip to Bali mostly includes free flights on Quantas or Garuda Indonesia to Denpasar. Some competitions also include activities such as hiking, water sports, surfing, snorkeling and shopping often with spending money included. You can also explore the neighboring islands of Lombok and Komodo and see amazing wildlife. Relax and enjoy Bali for free.

Competitions to win $ 10000 dollars cash

Would you like to win $ 10000 dollars cash? On this page you can find competitions to win $ 10000 dollars cash. Prizes of $10,000 dollars can be found in free online competitions! Check out this list and walk away with 10000 $ cash! Some of these are opinion surveys run by market researchers where you may increase your chances by filling in several surveys. You may also want to browse for related prizes in our section with Money competitions. We are also showing similar completed competitions which we have in our archive because there is always a chance that a completed contest is started again by the organizer. If you cannot find your special wish in our list you can try a competitions in the category vouchers or money which you can use to get what you are really looking for. You can also have a chance to win many forms of money by exploring through our categories. Find yours now!