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Win a Trip to Bali

Value:   $5,000   (1 prize)
Cost:   free
Ends  2020-12-31

Win a Trip for Two to Bangkok

Value:   $5,000   (1 prize)
Cost:   free
Ends  2020-12-31
Vouchers & Gift Cards

Win Groceries Voucher up to $5000 with Whittaker's

Value:   $5,000   (50 prizes)
Cost:   free
Ends  2020-12-31

Win an iPad Pro + HomePod

Value:   $2,500   (1 prize)
Cost:   free
Ends  2020-12-31

Win a $5,000 trip to Fiji

Value:   $5,000   (1 prize)
Cost:   free
Ends  2020-12-31

Win a Ticket to Rainbow's End

Value:   $1,000   (10 prizes)
Cost:   free
Ends  2020-12-31

Did you make any New Year's resolution on New Years Eve?
A lot of us (hrmpf...) probably feel that after all the celebrations over Xmas and New Year, it is time to begin this year in a more healthy way. Why not start off with a more balanced, nutritious breakfast. This could be the perfect prize to help you here: Win a Vitamix Total Nutrition Center. You can make fresh fruit juices or healthy smooties and transform a boring vegetable soup in to a more creamy, silky one. You can even make healthy ice cream (I suppose adding cream is not allowed...). I definitely want one! If you do too, click here:

There is so much more variety in prizes being offered than a year ago. I think it is wonderful to seen all these choices. I am really enjoying to enter competitions for all sorts of different stuff. Be it expensive or cheap, useful or rather pointless items. Give them to me all for free now! (and I also am still waiting to win an iPad!).

I wonder what you think about this? Are you getting the prizes you deserve offered in New Zealand competitions? Or do you want to win something else? Send me your comments through the contact form. In a week or two I will publish the result of this mini-survey here.

It might be that you have to submit a photo you took, write a short story or answer some questions. Some competitions also would like you to describe why you should win this particular prize. This IS more work, yes, but many people are put off just because of this and here lies your chances. Again, less entries means greater chances for you and you can attract the judges’ attention with your photo/story/funny reply in order to be the number one winner! Sometimes, you need to buy a product/spend some money with a particular card/be a paying member in order to qualify to enter that particular competition. Such competitions often have less entries so it is worth considering if you want to use those increase chances and get that product. Maybe it is something you wanted anyway?!
You can find this type of competitions under these links:

Well it works for me! Browsing through competitions, signing up for stuff, hoping for a win and everynow winning something is really fun for me.

Today I found a competition which I find really fun to join. This contest to win a trip around the world for 6 (SIX!) months and all expenses paid (WOW!) is just dramatically tempting:
You should check it out. Participation alone is quite exciting with creative elements, photos and a video to be submitted. Really quite demanding but also a fund project to do with family or friends!

It is not that easy to join but you are also more likely to win!

Finally something exciting in our Electronics category. Contests to win the new Galaxy S4 have arrived. It has not hit the stored yet but with a confirmed launch some daring competition organizers are already getting ready to give you that nice Samsung Galaxy SIV right after it is available. Join here Win a Samsung Galaxy S FOUR

Tips on how to win words or less competitions to increase your chances or winning. Words or less competitions are very common in New Zealand and often the odds are better than in other contests because of the additional hurdle for participation. Here is my guide to getting you close to winning that prize!

1 - Make the most of your chance

Words or less competitions give you that unique chance to win through skill rather than luck. So if it is a demanding question but on a topic where you know your stuff or just have a very creative moment you can really increase your chance of winning dramatically.

2 - Think about the jury

The winner of a Words Or Less competition is determined by a jury reviewing the various entries. Try to think about what those people in the jury and what they may be looking for in deciding on the winner. Also remember the jury may have a hard work to do with potentially thousands of entries. To make their life easier you want to make it a bit entertaining and not boring like all the other entries that those poor people have to go through.

3 - Be original in your answer

Don't just copy something good that you saw elsewhere. Chances are that the jury will check that and the original text may be found with just a quick search on Google. You need to come up with your own text to make your entry win.

4 - Make your answer a surprise

Again to stand out and make the jury notice your answer you want to write something that is different from what can be expected and what everybody else will submit as their entry. Your surprise answer could make people smile, laugh or be stunned. Either would do the job of making your entry special.

5 - Being funny may do the job

If you can manage to turn your words-or-less answer into a friendly joke go for it! Something funny that makes the jury smile and enjoy your entry definitely will help and increase your chances of winning the contest. Be a bit careful with making to harsh a joke on the product that you want to win as the jury may consist of marketing people promoting just that product. If you go too far they may not choose your entry which is supposed to be published as the winning entry to the public!

6 - Try a rhyme if you can

It is not an absolute must to make your entry a rhyme but if you find a way to do so go even better. It does not even be a perfect rhyme. A rhyme of words which is a bit off may even be funnier.

7 - Put in a personal note

If you have a personal story to share in your answer that can be interesting for the jury. Maybe how you or some family member would benefit so much from winning the prize or some funny incident that happened with friends or family related to what the words-or-less contest is about.

8 - Remember the words limit and mind your spelling

You really need to pay attention to the limit of words allowed in the words-or-less competition. Even if the jury really really loves your entry they would not be allowed to award you the prize if your entry is too long. The terms and conditions are legally binding so once published they really would not be allowed to deviate from them as that would be unfair to other entrants who stuck to the rules.
Not quite as strict as the word limit but also a possible pitfall is your spelling. You really should spellcheck your response using some online tool or wordprocessor. A spello in your answer definitely risks your entry being disqualified from the words or less competitions. The brand organizing the competition typically wants to publish the winning entry and they really do not want to publish something with a spelling mistake which would look embarrassing even for the jury. In particular, be careful with regards to the spelling of the brand and their products themselves. The jury would never let you through with a lapse on those.

9 - Name the product or brand name

Make some friendly reference to the product or brand name of the competition. After all the whole competition is likely to be a marketing activity for the organizer so they want what ever they try to promote to be mentioned.

10 - Do lots of Words-Or-Less entries

As always remember that your chances increase with more entries. Words-or-less competitions are skill games so by right you will not win by luck but by skill. However, if you have more entries you will of course have a higher possilibity of on of your entries being selected by the jury. Some words-or-less competitons actually allow for several entries per participants. This is because the organizer really wants to create some buzz for their competition and the more people write the better. Before you do multiple entries though check the terms and conditions whether this is really the case for the particular competition.
Then you can of course also enter many different words-or-less competitions from different websites. And when doing so you may even be able to 'recycle' some of the creative work you did in a previous competiton. After all the jury will be different so they would not know. And it is your own original work so there really isn't anything wrong with using that several times!

YOU can findthe latest words-or-less competitions here.

Today I have something exciting to share. A special guest feature by Jon McKnight, co-comper and author of A Prize to Die For. I hope you like this introduction to Jon's new book and will enjoy reading his novel as much. I certainly did and I think anybody slightly addicted to competitions must have read it!

* * *

Next time you Google the answer to a competition, text an entry or fill out an online entry form, think yourself lucky. Because while it may seem hard to believe in New Zealand in the 21st Century, comping wasn't always this easy. Back in the early Nineties, there was no Google, no Facebook and no KiwiCompetitions. If you were a serious comper, you'd subscribe to a printed solutionist magazine that popped through your letterbox once a month with news of comps that had often closed by the time you heard about them. And when you entered, you'd have to hope the postal service delivered your precious entry on time, or even at all. And there were no online confirmations that your entry had been received in those days. But comping was still fun - and on the other side of the globe, author Jon McKnight was busy writing a comic novel, A Prize To Die For, that's set in our world and reveals just how much trouble an obsession can get you into. In this special feature for KiwiCompetitions, he tells how he stumbled upon an idea for a novel that's proving a winner around the world…
A Prize to die For

I DON'T know if it's the same in New Zealand, but over here in the UK we compers are often seen as something of an oddity by the rest of society. Can't see why that is, myself. After all, what's so odd about buying 96 tins of cat food when you don't own a cat, or filling your shopping trolley with babies' nappies when you don't have a baby nor, fortunately, any need for nappies yourself? Is it really so unusual to have a kitchen cupboard full of bandaged cornflake packets and tins without a single label to identify their contents? And surely everyone's entitled to get bored with winning microwaves when the fifth one arrives in a year? Well, perhaps not. But it's rather ironic that many in the outside world dismiss us as losers when, in fact, we're quite the opposite. The sneers disappear pretty quickly when they ask why you do it and you tell them it's because you've just won a car that's worth a year's salary and all it cost you was a bit of brain-wracking and a postage stamp. And by the time you've reeled off the list of your recent wins, the doubters will be asking you how they can take up our hobby themselves. Sounds familiar, I imagine. But back in the Nineties in England, the comping landscape was a very different place. The National Lottery with its weekly multi-million-pound jackpots was still around the corner, the world wide web wasn't known or used very widely around the world, and a prize of £1,000 a month for life would guarantee front-page headlines for the winner. That's the one I most wanted to win, and the comp allowed multiple entries, so I was working on my 50th slogan when I realised the plot for a comic novel had just landed in my lap. I imagined a pet food manufacturer in financial difficulties, trying to solve its problem by announcing a headline-grabbing prize of £1,000 a month for life that would boost sales and brand recognition. Only it intended to fix the comp so that the oldest entrant would win - ideally a 95-year-old whose prize wouldn't cost the firm much if the shock of the win, coupled with any riotous living that the nonagenarian attempted, resulted in even less longevity. But the best-laid plans of mice and bent competition promoters don't always work out, and the prize is accidentally awarded to the best entrant - a mere 30-year-old. We see the Managing Director of the pet food firm tossing and turning in his sleep, mentally calculating how much the young winner could cost him… if he lived! I was going to say you can imagine what happens next - but I rather hope you can't, or you won't need to buy my book. Suffice it to say that the corrupt competitions judge who was meant to have fixed the result tries to make amends by agreeing to ensure that 30-year-old Tim Wembury won't be collecting his monthly prize for long. But that's the least of Tim's problems. In those pre-Aids awareness days, he's steeled himself to buy 36 condoms for a comp but, as luck would have it, finds himself in the only city in Britain where he can't post his entries because of a Royal Mail strike. His habit of entering comps clearly intended for women and giving just his initial and surname so the judges won't realise he's a man is about to cause him a shedload of grief because he buys a sexy Italian bikini as the entry qualifier but doesn't notice the rule about entrants having to wear the item they bought at the glittering prize-giving ceremony. And despite his success as a comper, the one thing Tim most wants to win is the heart of a woman. Enter Dilly, the darling of the pet food company that ran the comp. She really seems to like Tim, but is she just being nice because she's paid to, and will she prove to be a femme fatale, literally?

Author Jon McKnight

Sorry, but you'll have to read the book to find out what happens! The writing style has been compared, generously, to that of the late Tom Sharpe, and A Prize To Die For has been greeted with a succession of five-star reviews on Amazon. Reviewers (who may all be catastrophically wrong, of course, and can't all be my Mum, surely) have described the novel as "a gem of a book", "achingly funny", and "thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining". One reviewer enthused: "Not many books make me laugh out loud and hoot with delight, but this one did."

The novel is set in Plymouth, England, with real locations that visitors to this coastal city can explore. How many of them realise that Smeaton's Tower, the lighthouse on The Hoe, is the location for an attempted murder, or that the huge war memorial nearby contains a secret chamber? Although it's aimed at a general audience, A Prize To Die For will have an extra resonance for compers as it's one of the very few (I know of only one other, and that's out of print) to be set in our comping world. Now for the bit that makes every comper nervous: the judging. Is A Prize To Die For worth a place on your bookshelf?

* * *
A Prize To Die For by Jon McKnight is published by Middle England Media and is available for Kindle, Kobo or iBooks. Details at and on the A Prize To Die For Facebook page.

We have added some new little features based on feedback from many of our members.

In all competition listings you will notice some symbols that have appeared on the right:
new feature

There are two new icons:
  • The upper symbol ressembling an eye will appear automatically if you have clicked on a competition before and visited the landing page.
  • The lower symbol is a checkbox that you can tick and untick to mark a competition. There is different ways you can use this of course but the main idea is that once you have entered a competition you tick it as done. This way you can track what you have done and concentrate on the ones that you have not entered yet.
Hopefully, these two little symbols will make your navigation of our site easier and help you staying on top of these hundreds of competitions.

Thanks to all who had provided your feedback and please let us know if you have further ideas for improvement.

The book, which this film is based on, written by the Swede Jonas Jonasson, is one of the funniest books I have ever read. It is a clever, witty and completely mad story, so different to any other book I've read. If you haven't read it yet, I recommend you head out to a bookstore straight away, it is absolutely worth it!

As the book has been a tremendous success all over the world, it has recently been made into a film. In this competition, you can win double passes to see it. Entries must be received by 5pm, August 18, 2014.

What the plot is about? Well, the story starts just before the big birthday party for Allan Karlsson. He is turning 100 years of age, but is not very keen on the celebration prepared for him at his nursing home where he lives. He spontaneously decides to slip away, in his slippers, out of the window (as the title states) and then... well, it is know the big adventure and great storytelling starts. Don't miss it!

Where would you rather be, and why? Figure out a good answer in 25 words or less, and you are ready to go to Fiji! Well almost, you just have to win this competition but with a great answer, why shouldn't you?!

The winner will get return economy airfares from Auckland to Fiji, return transfers from the airport in Fiji to the accommodation in Fiji, 5 nights accommodation in Fiji, a My Fiji welcome gift upon resort arrival, and an exclusive My Fiji Tour Booklet. All for 2 adults.

This is a fantastic chance if you are a fan - if you win you will get your very own tour of the Coronation Street set in England! The prize also includes flights to London for two, transfer to Manchester where you will be staying four nights in a 4-star hotel. With all meals included!

Only thing you have to do is to get a NZ Woman's Weekly issue and enter a unique code from it. I'd say it is a rare chance to be taken! Just click on the picture below to get to the competition.

Now we are starting a blog about competitions as well. I am going to pick a few competitons from time to time that I think are worth mentioning and write about them here. It could be that there is a magnificent prize to be won, or the competition itself is fun to enter, or maybe it's just a ridiculously funny prize that you could win - anything, really, to make you smile! If there is something new going on at KiwiCompetitions I will keep you informed here too, see keep an eye on my blog not to miss anything.

Woaaah - this is so cool, I'd love to meet a penguin! You’ll get to help the Keeper prepare their food, learn all about the penguins and then help hand feed the penguins. Could a prize be more awesome? To enter this competition you don't really have to do much, just fill in your details and answer one easy question. Win this wonderful prize by clicking on the sweet penguin family:


Got nowhere to live? Or maybe just not as nice as this one...
This dream home is in Pohara, Golden Bay, approximately five kilometres from Takaka. It is a well known beachside resort and the house has expansive sea views. You can be in to win this great house by supporting the heart foundation, check it out here: Win dream home

Going through the competitions added the last few weeks I realized that we girls are really lucky to have so many competitions for fashion, costmetics and accessories. Some realy cool contests where we can win bracelets, rings and other things we may not actually buy ourselves but as a free treat are highly welcome.

Many companies give out these types of prizes but two really stand out with simple contests with fun prizes in these categories: Gloss and FashioNZ!

To make it easier for you to keep up to date with their contests you can go directly our page listing their latest contests:
alternative_text        alternative_text

Enjoy these contests. Great thank you to Gloss and FashioNZ! Hope they continue like this :)

Summer season is grill season - here you can win great snacks South African style to go with your other BBQ stuff. 'Safari Biltong' and 'Chilli Droewors' sound especially interesting, I think. Getting hungry already...
(What - you think this clashes with my last blog about being healthy?? Well, you must have something to indulge in after all the blended soup :)


I just found this "Send an Aussie home" competition by Classic Hits:

Send an Aussie home for free

I think this is really brilliant! And very kind of them as well because the Aussie gets a return ticket to come back to New Zealand :D

When you enter many competitions, the amount of your incoming mail will increase. Organizers sending you newsletters, promotions and offers – and in between all of this maybe THE email you have been waiting for – you WON! You definitely don’t want to miss this so it is important to have a good overview and check your email regularly. You may want to set up a filter to search for typical words.

Alternatively you could open another email account to be used especially for competitions. It is nothing wrong with that, the organizers can still reach you with their offers. Although keep in mind that some promoters actually have fun and interesting newsletters and you do not want to miss out on any good offers!

The other day I was asking what you would most like to see as prizes in New Zealand online competitions. I got quite a lot of replies and some interesting results as to what people want to win most urgently. Based on the answers coming in I can share this ulimate list of most popular prizes as of now:
  1. an iPad or iPad mini
  2. holidays
  3. vouchers for day-to-day shopping
A lot of the wishes for holiday competitions where actually family holidays in New Zealand or European destinations.

Here is a compilation I did of some of those popular prizes for you
  1. win an Apple iPad or iPad Mini
  2. win a holiday
  3. win grocery shopping vouchers
Thanks to all who shared their view and please keep them coming!

P.S. A special message to Rob in Christchurch who send me more than a dozen messages all about his favourite prize. Some of them really funny but I could only count you once still! Although you did not make it anywhere close the top list with that I made a list with you requested most popular prize: